Saturday, December 15, 2012

Newtown, Conn., School Massacre

In light of the tragic and horrific Newtown, Conn., School Massacre, I would like   to ask my readers say a prayer in whatever faith you believe for the lost souls of these poor victims. 26 lives were taken in this travesty and the whys and hows are the least important part. What is really important is the pain and suffering of the families and friends morning their lives. 

Open your hearts to these people, hug your children and remember that it is ok to be grateful that it wasn't your child or children as you pray for those lost.

 A very wise friend of mine remarked this morning something that will stay with me through the day. He said "In light of this great tragedy please refrain from using the event as a segue into a political or religious debate. The fact is 18 sets of parents lost their most precious babies today inside one the safest places they could be. 10 other families lost their friends and families too. 

Remember what really happened here today; we can argue why later."

I can only hope his words do not fall on deaf ears. 

I am going to post a few links that are streaming live and up to date info on this tragedy.

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